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    About Supplier

    Since its establishment in November 1990, KPHE has been a leading supplier of Plate heat exchangers for local heating of new cities. We were the first to localize a Plate heat exchanger for ships and develop a compact unit for local heating source supplies and various heat exchangers and relevant devices.

    KPHE has established its new subordinate company, CI, which is currently working to symbolize heating and cooling in order to expand the current high-efficiency energy saving business using heat exchangers in the environment industry, which is the new driving force of growth in the age of high oil prices. At present, we are promoting a new line of products to ensure further growth of our company.

    KPHE utilizes IFTACS, the world`s most advanced artificail intelligence auto temperature controller with high-efficiency energy saving, which is environment-friendly and energy saving next generational heat condensation systems and devices in order to become a company specializing in energy saving industry. We will aggressively pursue R&D for new recycling energy to overcome the challenges in the age of high oil prices.

    41-1, Bongsu-daero 1394beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon

    Product List

    Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Plants

    Plate Type Heat Exchanger
    KPGHP Series
    Fully Welded Hybrid Heat Exchanger
    Plate & Shell, Semi-Welded Heat Exchanger
    Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
    Fresh Water Generator
    COPT Condenser
    Air Coolers
    LP & HP Heater
    Finned Tube Type Heat Exchanger
    Dearator / Vent Condenser
    Pressure Vessels
    Bucket Type Strainer

    Construction, Industry and AC

    PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger)
    Brazing & Plate Shell Heat Exchanger
    IFTACS (Intelligent Flow Temperature Auto Control Sytsem)
    District Heating Facility
    Closed Expansion Tanks
    Expansion Water Air Separator
    Expansion Water Air Separator (Multi Type)
    Air Seperator
    Hybrid Ventilation System
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    Energy Saving Business

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