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  • Kostek Systems

    About Supplier

    We promise you to create the best value based on our creativity passion and differentiated technology.

    We have been providing the vacuum cluster tool which is used in the semiconductor front-end process equipments of the semiconductor industry since 2000. Now, we have expanded the business into a Wafer Bonding System, which is new growing in the market, through continuous efforts for the development of technologies.

    This is used for Wafer to Wafer bonding / de-bonding. It is the key process used in the manufacturing of next-generation TSV 3D IC, V-LED Chip and CMOS image Sensors of the Smartphone Cameras.

    We will continually provide our customers with new technologies-applied products having the best performance and efficiency.

    231, Bangkkoji-gil, Seotan-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Load Port Module
    Temporary Wafer Bonding System
    TAURUS 300TB
    Temporary Wafer De-Bonding System
    TAURUS 300DB
    Temporary Wafer Bonding/Debonding System
    TAURUS 300FOB/300FOD
    Plasma Ashing System
    Vacuum Cluster Tools
    CIS Wafer Bonding System


    Encapsulation System
    Vacuum Transfer System


    Temporary Wafer Bonding System
    De-Bonding System