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    About Supplier


    we have specialized in research, development and manufacture of hight precision main axes and high frequency spindle units.

    We have developed many high speed spindles & units and won public recognition of the technology.
    As the result, we received the prise from the ministry of commerce, industry and energy(MOCIE) in 1998,2001 and we carry out the policy project of MOCIE, MOST and SMBA. Furthermore, we carry out the program with poland for the optimum standards of clearance control of high speed axis bearing and axis cooling system.

    Now we have obtained the patent and the patient for new invention of 11 items.
    The artisan soul will survive to the world best in the field of high precision spindle units.

    397, Seokcheon-ro, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    High-Frequency Grinding Spindle
    KG/KFG Series
    Slide & Boring Spindle
    Universal Grinding Attachment
    KRG Series
    Air Cooling Flange Type Grinding Spindle
    KPA Series
    Double-Head Air Cooling Type Grinding Spindle
    K2HB Series
    Double-Head Foot Type Grinding Spindle
    K2HA Series
    Flange Type Grinding Spindle
    KPC Series
    BLDC Spindle
    KB Series
    Universal Head Spindle
    K-BUH-S Series
    Milling Spindle
    KD/KV/K-NT Series
    Edge Grinder
    KA/KG Series
    Air Bearing Spindle
    KA-P, KA-E
    Air Cooling Type Spindle
    K-F, K-F-1
    Air Cooling Straight Type Grinding Spindle
    KPB Series
    Double-Head Flange Type Grinding Spindle
    KP2H Series
    Foot Type Grinding Spindle
    KPT/KG Series
    Hi-Frequency Spindle
    K Series