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  • Korea Precision ENG

    About Supplier

    Korea Precision ENG Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in cold and warm forging Dies productions. Ever since its establishment in 1976, we are realizing customer satisfactions with deep trusts from Korean and overseas leading forging companies and various customers in automobile part, power plant, shipbuilding and marine heavy equipment businesses and our advanced technologies. The technologies of forging Dies design and production of Korea Precision ENG Co., Ltd., a representative company of the root technology forming the backbone of Korean industries has been deeply trusted by Korean and overseas forging industries. Korean and overseas leading cold and warm forging companies including Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Wia, Doosan Heavy Industrial, Hyndai Heavy Industrial and Schaeffler Korea and industrial plant related companies are our precious customers.

    We promise to do our best to grow to become a company recognized more in the world market based on the challenging spirit to be a global leader in the prevision Dies and part processing and development areas and unlimited trusts from our customers.

    17, Unmu-ro 783beon-gil Buk-myeon, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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