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  • Korea Motoyama

    Korea Motoyama

    About Supplier

    Korea Motoyama Inc. was founded in 1988 through the technology and capital investment by Japan Motoyama Inc., which marked its 100th anniversary.

    As one of the leading players in this industry, Japan Motoyama Inc. has provided more than one million valves all over the world. Based on its advanced technologies and experiences, Korea Motoyama Inc. has provided the ‘KOMOTO®’ brand valves to numerous global companies.

    KOMOTO® brand valves have been widely used used in wide range of industries including oil & gas refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants, and steel mills to accurately control cryogenic fluids, superheated steam and corrosive fluids under severe service conditions.

    With 100 years of experiences of Japan Motoyama Inc., Korea Motoyama Inc., with 30 years of experiences continues to invest in research and development, testing facilities, and quality control system.

    Today, we are ready to help our customers control special fluids under any severe conditions.

    KOMOTO®, a valve specialist you can rely on.

    29, Hagunsandan 1-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    2-Way Globe Valve
    Series 07, 08
    3-Way Globe Valve
    Series 30
    Angle Valve
    Series 20
    V-notch Valve
    Series 43
    Butterfly Valve
    Series 10
    Ball Valve
    Series 41
    Teflon Block Valve
    Series 07TB
    Tank Bottom Valve
    Series 61
    Diaphragm Actuator
    Piston Cylinder Actuator
    Pressure Regulating Valves
    Series PR1207, 1607, 1807