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Product Name Rotary Joint
Model BR-2025
Series Rotary Joint (R-2000 Series)
Product Description




Shaft rotates by attaching to rotation body including Roller, Drum. For the method of attachment, there are two kinds of [ screw type] and [FLANGE type]. As taper screw for pipe of KS, as for direction, from the direction of Roller or Drum rotation to attach Rotary Joint, it's [ left screw if clockwise ] [right screw if counter-clockwise] Shaft is produced from Stainless Steel, and seal surface is planed after heat treatment and wrapping processing.


Usually parallel KS PIPE Right threads for compound in order to install ⑫interior pipe. Prevent unwound of interior pipe using Lock Nut. Figure above is fixed-type compound interior pipe with supply and discharge parts. In addition, there are single L type and compound interior pipe of rotation type equipped with only one side of supply or discharge. Shaft is fixed with ④BEARING under load of Rotary Joint body, and SNAP RING of ⑤,⑥. Seal mechanism part is composed of ⑦CARBON, ⑧O-RING, ⑨RUBBER SHEET, ⑩WASHER, ⑪SPRING So maintains proper initial Seal surface pressure for Carbon and rotation axis. Therefore, this product maintains complete airtight by Seal surface pressure to increase and decrease proportionate to inside fluid pressure and certain Seal structure.

MAXIMUM PRESSURE10Kgf / ㎠G (7Kgf / ㎠G)
MAXIMUM ROTATION NUMBER6A-25A 1500rpm32A-65A 1000rpm
FLUIDwater, air, medicine, oil

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