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  • KOREA I.G Motor

    KOREA I.G Motor

    N2738 Series A

    Product Description

    Product List


    TM2430 Series
    N2730 Series
    N2732 Series A
    N2732 Series B
    N2738 Series A
    N2738 Series B
    N2742 Series
    N2747 Series
    N2760 Series A
    S3657 Series A
    S3657 Series B
    3685 Series
    N3649 Series B
    N3657 Series B
    N3657 Series C
    A3750 Series
    283218 Series
    343764 Series B
    3020 Series
    5066 Series
    N6296 Series
    N63100 Series A
    N63100 Series B
    N85154 Series
    VC-51H Series
    293653 Series
    343764 Series A
    202733 Series
    202735 Series
    A3760 Series
    364060 Series
    293665 Series
    SN3658 Series
    N3657 Series A
    N3658 Series
    N2760 Series B
    N3649 Series A
    A3649 Series

    BOSCH-OEM Products

    Power Seat
    Power Window
    Front Wiper
    Rear Window
    Engine Cooling Fan (ECF)
    HVAC (Blower Motor)