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  • KOREA I.G Motor

    KOREA I.G Motor

    About Supplier

    KOREA I.G Motor, I'm delighted to introduce you to what is an young, dynamic, high-tech oriented motor company. Korea I.G. Motor, as a pioneer of motor industry in Korea, has gained a reputation as a provider of high quality micro D.C. motor worldwide. Korea I.G. Motor enters into agreements with many companies that are based on a spirit of mutual benefit and close. I look forward to having a good relationship with you ; we have a range of services that is in growing demand, of indisputable quality, and which is easily accessible to a rapidly growing customers. 


    The motors that are produced for use not automotive manufacturing but home and industrial appliance are, like all of Korea I.G motor products, a result of constant, indepth research and stringent quality control. Available in a very attractive price range, these motors come in a variety of design and sizes and are as dependable as they are durable. We Korea I.G motor concentrate our effort with technological research to cope with the diverse international economic competition actually. And being recognized of course, domestic market a micro D.C motors production company in it's high quality to those country, such as JAPAN, USA, ASIA, and so on. We have a very positive future ahead of it with your thanks. Under the conviction which based on accumulation of technology and matured experience, we pledge we should supply quite be tter quality merchandise with more research in the future. 

    63, Suchul-daero 7-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    TM2430 Series
    N2730 Series
    N2732 Series A
    N2732 Series B
    N2738 Series A
    N2738 Series B
    N2742 Series
    N2747 Series
    N2760 Series A
    S3657 Series A
    S3657 Series B
    3685 Series
    N3649 Series B
    N3657 Series B
    N3657 Series C
    A3750 Series
    283218 Series
    343764 Series B
    3020 Series
    5066 Series
    N6296 Series
    N63100 Series A
    N63100 Series B
    N85154 Series
    VC-51H Series
    293653 Series
    343764 Series A
    202733 Series
    202735 Series
    A3760 Series
    364060 Series
    293665 Series
    SN3658 Series
    N3657 Series A
    N3658 Series
    N2760 Series B
    N3649 Series A
    A3649 Series

    BOSCH-OEM Products

    Power Seat
    Power Window
    Front Wiper
    Rear Window
    Engine Cooling Fan (ECF)
    HVAC (Blower Motor)