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    About Supplier

    Since KOPECS CO.,LTD was founded with vision ‘Serving the community, Sharing visions , Aiming high’ on 1987, all of members in KOPECS have been doing our best to accomplish our vision for customers. On the 21th century, the age of limitless competition, KOPECS have been fulfilled various customer’s needs over the areas of Steel plant, Electronics , Oil, Chemical, Environment Water treatment etc. As KOPECS stands for advanced in technology and 20 years of business experience over the domestic and overseas market, we constantly have been improved our technology.

    As KOPECS is one of leading company of Control Valve industry in Korea, we will care for the protection of environment. Also, against competition in Control valve industries in future, we will do our best to fulfill customer’s needs and achieve customer’s trust with the development of specialty products, high-quality service, high-technology and competitive price. 

    55-30, Bongsu-daero, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    Globe Valves
    Ball Valves
    KBV Series
    Butterfly Valves
    KBF Series
    Desuperheater / High Temperature Valves
    Special Valves
    Other Valves
    Valve Actuator
    Valve Accessory