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  • KODO

    About Supplier

    42, Gwaerang 6-gil, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Ultrasonic Cleaner (Manual Cleaner)

    Multiple Bath Ultrasonic cleaner
    Lifter type multiple Bath Ultrasonic cleaner
    Lifter type Single Bath Ultrasonic cleaner
    Mask cleaner
    Mold Cleaner
    Large & long axis roll Cleaning machine

    Ultrasonic Cleaner (Automatic Washing Machine)

    SMT-Nozzle Cleaner (Cleaning agent : ACETONE)
    SMT-Nozzle Cleaner (Cleaning agent : NMP& APPC-1)
    Automatic Roll Cleaner
    Auto Ultrasonic Cleaning System

    Ultrasonic Unit (Ultrasonic Generator)

    Mini-Type Ultrasonic Generator NXG-MD Series
    NXG-MD100, NXG-MD200, NXG-MD300
    High-speed switching 3Frequency Generator NXG-HSS Series
    ​Digital Multi Frequency NXG-A Series
    NXGA-3F-600, NXGA-3F-600, NXGA-4F-600
    Digital Generator NXG-A Series
    NXG-A-28K-600W, NXG-A-28K-900W, NXG-A-28K-1200W, NX-GA-40K-600W, NX-GA-900W, NX-GA-1200W
    ​High frequency Ultrasonic Generator NXG-HD Series
    NXG-HD-68K, NXG-HD-75K, NXG-HD-100K, NXG-HD-132K, NXG-HD-168
    Ultrasonic Generator NXG-SA Series
    NXG-SA600, NXG-SA900, NXG-SA1200, NXG-SA1500, NXG-SA1800

    Ultrasonic Unit (Ultrasonic Transducer Unit)

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Transducer Unit
    KD-44-125-20-280, KD-44-125-20-145, KD-44-125-20-075, KD-44-125-20-110

    Ultrasonic Transducer

    Ultrasonic Transducer

    Single Bath Cleaner

    CASE 스테인레스스틸 NXCS-A-38 Series
    NXCS-A3804, NXCS-A3806, NXCS-A3808, NXCS-A3810
    CASE 스테인레스스틸 NXCS-A-26 Series
    NXCS-A2604, NXCS-A2606, NXCS-A2608, NXCS-A2610
    CASE 분체도장 NXCS-1200 Series
    NXCS-1228, NXCS-1240

    Portable type Cleaner

    Portable type high frequency washer CASE stainless steel
    NHPC-B2005S, NHPC-B3010S
    Portable type high frequency washer
    NXPC-B-SB CASE powder coating
    NXPC-B2005SB, NXPC-B3010SB, NXPC-B5020SB
    JAC Series CASE 난연 ABS
    JAC-3010, JAC-5020

    Ultrasonic welding machine for mask

    Ultrasonic Cutter NXC Series
    NXC0230A, NXC-430A
    Ultrasonic Food Cutter
    Non-contact ultrasonic guide
    KUS-1405-C, GUS-1405-C
    Metal Ultrasonic Welding Machine