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    About Supplier

    KIHOE, One of leading for All Kinds of Vacuum Technologies in Korea Markets, and Expertised as do which has vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, and ourself manufactures it related with the vacuum devices, and importing for components from the worldwide, also supply to fields of industrial for vacuum units & vacuum systems, especially, we developed the central vacuum system, vacuum used lifting and transporting devices.

    77, Seongsuil-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List


    Vacuum Lifting Device
    Tube Lifter
    Oil Free Vane Vacuum Pumps
    Oil Lubricated Vane Vacuum Pumps
    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
    Air Injection Blower
    뉴메틱 컨베이닝 시스템
    Suction Pad
    코일 리프터
    스크류 진공펌프
    충진 & 캡용 진공펌프
    Mechanical Booster
    Roots Blower
    Vacuum System
    Vacuum Component
    Side Channel Blowers
    Oil Bath Vacuum Pumps