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Product Name Compact Bed Type Universal Milling Machine
Series Bed Type Universal Milling Machine
Product Description

Compact bed type milling machine POINT

Based on KMB series, POINT series with HEIDENHAIN TNC124 are fully adequate for straight cut control for milling, drilling and tapping supported by a floating tap holder and even circular path with circle hole pattern up to 999holes. Professional assembly and hand scrapping skills. The universal bi-rotary heads consisting of up head and low head can be turned to any desired angle and therefore vertical, horizontal and combined angle milling is available. The column is of a rugged box-type construction and its ground slide ways are wide to support and guide securely the spindle head. (The column of POINT-U6 and POINT-U7 is hardened and ground) The bed is composed of one piece construction with double box for lubrication oil and coolant. The hardened and ground slide ways of the bed provide high stability to the saddle. The saddle has a rigid box-type construction to cope with loads during heavy-duty cutting. It is supported by the wide slide ways of the bed to assure stale movement. Biplast(anti-friction material) ensures the smooth movement of the axis. Also an AC servo motor is adopted for infinitely variable feed movement. Feed change by dial on a panel makes easier operation and appropriate choice of feed speed.


KIHEUNG MACHINERY Compact Bed Type Universal Milling Machine POINT