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    We, at KHNTC have been investing and focusing on the development of engine valve processing equipment, Centerless grinding machine and superfine grinding machine equipment since June 2005.
    We completed development of “High- Speed Engine Valve Product Line [HEVP]" that can radically improve previous engine valve supplier productivity and launched in 2008. This high speed product line offers, not only the latest technology, but also the consistency and quality required by our customer. As yet no other machine builder is in a position to offer this one off solution. KHNTC technical team are fully responsible for this development.
    In 2009, we started to supply full production lines for commercial vehicle valve production, measuring equipment and centrifugal coolant cleaning systems. 2011 saw an increase in export business to tier 1 automotive suppliers.
    KHTNC constantly export full production lines and single equipment to world class organizations such as automotive Tier 1 suppliers Federal-Mogul (Germany, Czech, France, USA, Mexico, Thailand, China), Nittan Valve of Japan and Eaton of China.
    In 2014, new angular and internal grinding equipment was developed and supplied to domestic customers. We, at KHNTC continue to invest in Research and development, to offer the best technical solutions at the right price for all customer requirements from a one off special application to a full production line.

    297, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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    KCLG 15-B
    KCLG 1-V
    KCLG 2B-2
    KCLG 600B

    Valve Machines

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