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Product Name LED W Panel Lamp
Series LED W Series
Product Description


1. Designed for easily attachment for panel
2. Bright light can keep up by using LED lamp
3. Heat-resistant resin using a deformation

Name Composition


ListLED Type signal panel lamp
Functionlight onlyLight, Flash & Buzzer
Stack3 Stack
Flashing time60~70times / min.
Power supply voltage12/24V AC/DC, 110/220V AC(50/60Hz)
Temp.-5℃ ~ 50℃
Humidity35%~85% R.H.
LENS MaterialPolycarbonate(PC)
LENS ColorRed, Yellow, Green
Degree of protectionIPX0 (indoor)

External form / Drawing

Current consumption

전압사양DC 24V 점등DC 24V
점등, 점멸, 부져
AC 220V 점등AC 220V
점등, 점멸, 부져
전력100mA이하100mA 이하24mA 이하36mA 이하

Current consumption

Safety Information

1. Be sure  to turn off power before connecting wires or changing LED Kit, it can cause electric shock.

1. Please check for the correct connection wire before installing it. Incorrect wiring will cause a break down of product.
2. Please check for the correct voltage, Over voltage will cause by malfunction of product.

1. This product is only suitable for indoor use.
2. Applying a strong shock on the outside of product may cause a break down.
3. Please refer to the "wiring diagram" when you wire the product.
4. When mounting(dismounting)the product, please conduct operations after turning off the power of the main unit.
5. Please choose place that has sufficient strength and vibration.
6. Please be cautions that contact with chemical such as thinner or benzene can cause of deformation of the product or color of change.
7. The contents of this manual may be changed without prior notification.

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