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Product Name Foot Switch
Series Foot Switch
Product Description


1. Die-casting protective cover is strong.
2. Interface capacitance is big and speed of response even have big life span.
3. There are 1a1b, 2a2b products for selection
4. A machine tool, medical device, automatic machine, press, offset tool etc, can be used.

Proper form / Quality of the material

Division / Name
Capacity of contact
Quality of the material
Wire hole
15A 20V a.c(1a1b)

Aluminum die-Casting


15A 250V a.c(2a2b)

▶ Circuit

External form / Drawing



Safety information

1. When using devices such as personal injury and property damage is enormous concerns, be sure to please use after install fail-sage device
2. When the state power is applied, do no connect the wires. do not connect the wires. There is a danger of electric shock
3. Prohibited use in the vicinity of the gas-explosion-proof to not flammable, do not use in areas where explosive gases
4. Never disassemble the unit, processing, improvement, do not attempt to repair. Malfunction, electric shock there is a risk of fire
5. When cleaning do not use water, organic solvents concerns an electric shock or fire

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