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Product Name ∅60 LED Sign Tower
Model None
Series LED Sign Tower
Product Description


1. ∅60 columnar structure of the round geometry.
2. New concept design, visibility enhancement.
3. Lenses for maximum light diffusion as wrinkles.
4. Located at the bottom of the buzzer and the sound can be controlled volume with knob
5. Shock-resistant polycarbonate material reinforces the reliability by applying the lens.


Current consumption

Category12V AC/DC24V AC/DC110V AC220C AC

 Number of stact





Name composition

∅60 LED Lamp

External form / Drawing

LED Lamp Stack 1

LED Lamp Stack 2

LED Lamp Stack 3

LED Lamp Stack 4

LED Lamp Stack 5

Connection diagram

Light / Flash / Buzzer

접점 구동

NPN 트랜지스터 구동

PNP 트랜지스터 구종

Light / Buzzer

접점 구동

NPN  Transistor drive

PNP Transistor drive

1. Not necessarily due to the wiring each specification will comply with access please.
2. If flashing, lighting AC specification, never connect the power line(black, orange) and flashing(brown),
    Lighting(gray) line don't get together
3. When you connect a buzzer for flashing line (pink) and lighting line(sky blue) You can choose a broken sound and continuous sound.
    If you need to connect the line with the desires. Lamp and Buzzer at the same time.

Appearance and Panel Cutout


Panel cutout

Safety information

1. Be sure to turn off power before connecting wires or changing LED Kit, it can cause electric shock.

1. Please check for the correct connecting wire before installing it. Incorrect wiring will cause a break down of product.
2. Please check for the correct voltage, Over voltage will cause by malfunction of product.

1. This product is only suitable for indoor use.
2. Applying a strong shock on the out side of product may cause a break down.
3. Please refer to the "wiring diagram" when you wire the product.
4. When mounting(dismounting) the product, please conduct operations after turning off the power of the main unit.
5. Please choose place that has sufficient strength and vibration.
6. Please be cautions that contact with chemical such as thinner or benzene can cause of deformation of the product or color of change.
7. The contents of this manual may be changed without prior notification.



P Type Stand

KG-SP (Beige)
KG-SPB (black)

Attach the horizontal plane

L Type Stand


Attach the vertical plane

Fordable Type

KG-SF (Black)

Fordable plate


KG-S (Beige)
KG-SB (Black)

Applies when using the
P type stand

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