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Product Name Ampere Indicator Series
Series Ampere Indicator
Product Description


1. Using high-intensity 7 segment LED with good visibility
2. Designed Circular, Flush Type Sleek And Slime size
3. Attaching to ∅22, 30, 66 by using integral nut connection method for fast installation
4. Apply a back light function to check the display in the dark (∅66)


ListAmpere Indicator Series
RatingAC110V / 220V (50~60Hz) /  DC 12~24V
Input signalAC MAX 50A / DC MAX 10A
A/D conversion methodIntegral method
Sampling period200ms
Response speed800ms
External controlIndicated value by contact input
Measurement & DisplayEffective value display by full-wave rectifier
Display7 segment LED
Ambient temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃
Ambient humidity45 ~ 85% RH
Vibration resistance10~50Hz double amplitude X, Y, Z for 2hours
Shock Withstand300㎨, each 3 times for X, Y, Z 6directions
AccuracyAC: ±0.5% of F.S / DC : ±0.2% of F.S
Resolving powerAC MAX 50.0(100mA) /  DC MAX 9.9A(10mA)
Insulation resistanceMin. 100㏁ at 500V d.c
Dielectric strength1,500V a.c for 1min
Power consumptionAC : 4W / DC : 2W
Protection degree

IP65 for front side

Name Composition

Appearance & Name / Drawing

∅66 Plastic guide Silver & Black

N-Type 2 : ∅22 (Normal type) Plastic guide

H-Type : ∅22 (High-grade type) Aluminum guide

L-Type : ∅30 (Luxury buried type) Aluminum guide

Appearance & Name / Drawing

Connection diagram 


1. Connect wires after verifying the operational voltage and allowed current.
2. During Connection, set the screw fastening torque at below 5kgf.
3. If the measurement value exceeds the measuring range, the Find will be shown "---"
4. The measuring instruments such as this product are weak to noise.
     If abnormal voltage(more than 1kV) occurs caused by a Power Relay, Magnet Switch, High-frequency equipment, 
     Reverse Electromotive Force, High-votage spark, and Lightning, use the line filter or the noise absorbing circuit in the exterior line.

Noise prevention by line filter

Noise prevention by varistor

5. Use the shield wire especially if the measuring input line is longer or a place with noise

Noise prevention by line filter

Noise prevention by varistor

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