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Product Name Key selector switch
Series ULTRA Series
Product Description


1. Control part and contact part is designed separate type.
2. Contact parts are easily detachable unit is designed as a detachable.
3. Contact block was planned basic 1a1b
4. The output designed basic for LED
5. There is protective cover for contact terminals from electric shock
6. There are two attachment holes ∅25, 30 model

LED Lamp

Rated voltageRated current
12V d.c8mA / 100mw
24V d.c
18mA / 430mw
110V a.c3mA / 330mw
220V a.c7mA / 1.5w

Circuit diagrams



Name composition


Contactor unit

Base contact is designed as 1a.
Easily assembly and removable with body.
Contactor unit

Base contact is designed as 1b.
Easily assembly and removable with body.
Contactor unit

Base contact is designed as 1a1b.
Easily assembly and removable and removable with body.
∅25 Guide

UL-25GOperation part ∅25 guide
∅30 Guide

UL-30GOperation part ∅30 guide
Turn prevention ring

UL-25TOperating part ∅25 turn prevention ring
Turn prevention ring

UL-30TOperation part ∅30 turn prevention ring

비상명판 KG-EN22/25

비상 명판 KG-EN30


- Panel cutting is above by a necessity to select
- Panel thickness 1~6mm
- Lamp terminal and terminal wiring not to be ex change it will have attention
- Attaching nut torque is below 20kgf· cm
- Attaching blot torque is blow 5kgf· cm
- Terminal blot used ring and M3.5

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