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Product Name Key selector switch
Series KD Series
Product Description


1. Operating and contact part was planned in separation style
2. Attached hole ∅16, ∅22 The selection with is various it used
3. Slim type is being 2.5mm projections from panel. there is no jam from the side
4. Contact block was planned basic 1a1b
5. A light source was produced with the LED
7. Protected structure : IP65

LED Lamp

Rated VoltageRated Current
12/24V d.c32mA
110/20V a.c7.5mA

Circuit diagrams


Name composition

∅16 Assembly order

Panel cutting size

User guide

∅16 Round, square type

∅16 Rectangular type

∅22 Luxury buried type 

∅16, 22 Contacts terminal


-Panel cutting is above by a necessity to select
- Panel thickness 1~7mm
- Lamp terminal and terminal wiring not to be exchange it will have attention

KD S/W Symbol Mark


1. When presenting date, such as the symbol that you want in the form as it is marking this possible
2. Symbol mark is making a computer laser engraving machine, laser engraving is part of burning technique is more efficient than traditional printing methods and keep a long life
3. Symbol mark is applied to the switch is a FA equipment, CD equipment, laser equipment, etc. can be applied to a wide of industrial site.

적용 모델 : KD-S,F TYPE

Symbol mark

Symbol mark




Contactor unit

KD-10Contact block was planned basic 1a1b and the maximum 4a4b until there is a possibility of attaching
Fixing plate

KD-FOperating or contactor part attaching and remove is easy
Support block

KD-20Contactor part support block
∅16 Aluminum guide

KD-16Operation part ∅16 aluminum guide
∅22 Aluminum guide

KD-22Operation part ∅22 aluminum guide
Turn prevention ring

KD-28Operation part ∅16 turn prevention ring
Attaching tool

KD-40Use the attaching panel
Actuator Protect cover


∅16 Actuator Protect cover

Actuator Protect cover

KD-22QGActuator protect cover

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