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    About Supplier

    Established in 1992,Kemtech is a manufacture of high pressure coolant systems, chillers and various precision filters for cutting oil filtration.
    Our track record is outstanding and we maintain the highest technology and performance in the Machine Tool industry.

    Our products play a privotal role in various fields ranging from implant material processing for medical use and molds,to precision machine processing including parts for electronics, automobiles,shipbuilding and the aerospace industries.

    Kemtech offers optimal products suitable for our customer's demand through high quality workmanship required for our electric and electronic control design and machine design. All of our employees including myself are doing our very best for customer value creation. We at Kemtech will  continuously pursue change and innovation,and are committed to return our customers support and encouragement with superb products and services.

    1156, Dudong-ro, Dudong-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List

    Machine Tool Part

    Machine Tool Part (All-in-one Type)
    CF Series
    Machine Tool Part
    CF Series, CF20-15, CF30-25, CF70-30, CF100-40
    Machine Tool Part
    BF Series, BF30-25, BF70-30, BF100-40
    Machine Tool Part
    VF Series, VF70-30, VF70-60, VF100-40
    Water Chiller
    PFWC Series, PFWC 050, PFWC 075, PFWC 110, PFWC 150, PFWC 220
    Coolant Chiller
    PFCC Series, PFCC 075, PFCC 110, PFCC 150, PFCC 220
    Oil Chiller
    PFOC Series, PFOC050, PFOC075, PFOC110, PFOC150, PFOC220
    Fine Separator
    FS-100, FS-200
    Oil Separator
    PFOS Series, PFOS-40, PFOS-40C, PFOS-40F, PFOS-40CF
    Tank Cleaner

    Environmental Part

    Ceramic Filter
    KTM Micro Bubble Pump
    LTA Mist Collector