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  • KEM


    About Supplier

    KEM promises that it will do its best to realize customer's satisfaction and be the best company in this field.

    Since the foundation in 1988 with great goal to develop stigmatization and machine tool parts that have relied on import, KEM has overcome a lot of technical difficulties, has introduced advanced overseas technologies related with machine tool decisively, has improved them to better technologies by reinforcing them according to domestic condition, has provided the best products stably and has done its best for realizing customer's satisfaction.

    All officers and staffs of KEM will make efforts to be the company with new technologies in the world through endless R&D and quality innovation in order to make developing society on the basis of interest and love that you have shown to us.

    Today's KEM can't exist without your warm encouragement so we appreciate you sincerely.

    In addition, KEM promises that it will make better efforts to be your best partner all the time.

    9, Yutongdanji 1-ro 65beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan

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