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Product Name Axial seals parts
Series Carbon & Graphite
Product Description

As already mentioned, carbon graphite has features well suited for the use as a seal ring. Seal ring grades have markedly high resistance to wear and corrosion, good thermal conductivity and good dry running features.
Machined seal rings are used for high loading, sealing pressures of above 100bar and speed over 50 m/s. All dimensions of rings are available for closed tolerances.
- Axial design using carbon seal faces in mechanical seals, steam joints and ball valves.
- Radial design using multi segment carbon packing to seal shafts on ventilators, ship’s propeller shafts, water turbines, single part metal sleeved rings and etc.
- Control rings and segments for controlling and regulating automatic processes. As a high efficiency and pollution free power generation device that converts chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen directly to electric energy, the device generates electricity through reverse reaction of electric decomposition of water as oxygen is supplied to cathode and hydrogen to anode 

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