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    “[KBI cosmolink], a reliable partner working for the mankind and the environment.”

    Welcome to [KBI cosmolink], a company of dreams and future leading the digital world!

    [KBI cosmolink] was founded in 1965 with specialization in power lines, communication lines, and equipment lines and has grown with customers’ trust while drawing a blueprint for the future of Korea’s infrastructural industry. We have achieved sustainable growth and development while taking advantage of the strengths of small/medium businesses and adopting the large companies’ advanced technologies and quality systems. By doing so, we have consolidated our foundation as a general cable maker. In 2013, we became a member of Kabul International Group to secure financial stability for sustainable management. We are striving to achieve specialized production and advanced technology development through ongoing cooperation with the industry.

    In 2017, we laid a firm foundation to grow into a global company by acquiring a factory in Vietnam and set the management goal to achieve premium quality and customer satisfaction. With new product development and eco-friendly production, we will become a future-oriented global company.

    50-3, Iwonnonggong-ro, Iwon-myeon, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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