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  • Kast Engineering

    About Supplier

    KAST, has manufactured various test equipments and systems for coil winding products, electric devices, H. voltage products and electric home appliances since the establish-ments of 1987. At present, 40 kinds of high accurate Test Equipments and Systems are under commercial production, and ranked as first in domestic market share. KAST products have been used in the manufacturing fields more than 2000 relating to motor, transformer, solenoid, car electric parts, nuclear plant, mobile phone and etc.

    KAST has produced these products on the basis of not only the accumulated experience(including patents) & the continuous R&D investments but also international regulations(ISO 9002 & ISO 17025) and the certified national calibration institute. Our overseas marketing is also expanding every year and our endless efforts for exporting will continue in order to meet the increasing needs of overseas customers.

    311, Indonggasan-ro, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    Resistance Tester
    KT-RD Series
    Insulation Resistance Tester
    Hipot (Puncture) & Insulation Tester
    H.V DC Power Supply
    KT-KVDCP Series
    Car Electric Device Test System
    High Voltage Reed Relay
    Hipot Tester
    KT-PD Series
    Coupler And Decoupler Used With Lightning Impulse Simulation Tester
    Surge Tester
    IEC Regulation Tester (Lightning Impulse Simulation Tester)
    EOS Tester (Electric Overvoltage Stress Tester)
    Test Systems