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    A company get along with the customers

    Close relationship is required between the manufacturer and the users for the effective marketing on each component. In order for this, KACON maintains the close relationship with the customers and performs the business in the corresponding area. As a result, we provide appropriate services and products for the demand of local area effectively.


    The advancing technology started from the customers

    KACON, as a company exclusive for the automated control system for 50 years, secures the talented people who has the professional technologies for the product and application. Based on the best human resources. We develop the best product and technologies and satisfy the customers.


    Global and professional company

    KACON has manufacturing facilities, sales/service agents and branch offices for the control devices and systems all over the world. We provide the global level system integrated network for the effective international business and follow the major international standards.

    66, Geonji-ro 250beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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