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Since Jukam group started the project of reclaimed land in 1965, reclaimed Jukam site in 1977, reclaimed Namyang site in 1986, and made a total of 2,000,000 pyung of farming land. It was a difficult and exhausting process, so as to be called myth of one shovel, which was the foundation of the group’s development.

Jukam group’s farming sector subsidiary, Jukam Farm Co. Ltd., is an eco-friendly farm that has a self composting plant and rice-polishing mill, and produces over a 1,000 tons of rice yearly and breed more than 1,000 Korean native cattle. Jukam has adopted compost cycle farming methods to fulfill combined agriculture and lead the region’s agricultural development.

Jukam Construction Co., Ltd in the construction field is a consolidated construction firm placing customer’s trust and satisfaction from quality goods services as their most important policy and participating general construction like civil engineering, architecture, industrial facilities, environment, electricity, etc. and achieving eye-opening growth and evaluation by being the first construction company to be named Public Procurement Service’s quality construction enterprise. Also, works for the quality improvement of the public and contribute in the national economy development by entering the construction industry with highway construction from ‘Goheung-Nokdong’- ‘Goheung-Doduk,’ Honam railway double track construction, and the construction of ‘Suwon Yuljeon nation-made apartment’.

The environmental industry field, established the affiliated environmental research center in august, 2001, and is still the first to acquire the new environmental technology verification in the Jeonnam area through industry-academic cooperation research. Also, we are playing a key role in the region’s environmental maintenance and development of new technology by obtaining 1 new technology and 33 patents.

Jukam machinery Co., Ltd in the machinery field develops and distributes the existing cattle feeds coarse fodder dependent on import, starting with the import/selling and development of advanced agricultural hay machines. Also, Jukam machinery Co., Ltd pioneered a new prospect in the mechanization of domestic farm products introducing innovative methods of eco-friendly rice farming with the distribution of Pot farming method, its machines, Welsh-onion seeders, onion seeders and transplanters. A success of stretch silage film manufacturing factory was based on this, and serves industries and farmhouses from the production and distribution of stretch & silage films being produced with the best technology and new facilities in the Honam area of no production.

Foodstuff area, Jukam F&C, aims to provide customers healthy values with an honest heart, lives with the ideology of future creation of mankind full of happiness and joy, and efforts to become a company always innovating.

Jukam Group is currently engaging in various fields of business such as the construction industry, farming industry, environmental industry, machinery industry, film industry, and food industry. Jukam emphasizes the humanity of members and business activities fulfilling the social norm to become a trusted company from our customers. Jukam also focuses on the development of human resources. Jukam companies will continue to be a high-class company following the basics of humanity and business ethics with our customers. Jukam Group asks for your continuous support and favor.


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