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    Jonghap Maritiem started a historic challenge at Yeoungdo, Busan 40 years ago. Despite many change of domestic and international politics, economics, society, we have grown for a half a century because of customer's continuous attention and our company's culture that don't scary to change.

    Also, It is a motive power from customer faith that we pursue customer's worth against our profit, and continuedly study for technology.

    Jonghap Maritime as a best repair ship company expand ours business to spare parts for sale, repair plant, steel & paint for sale, etc. base of technology and know-how. Also, we tried to be the company that a customer needs Jonghap Maritime through business convention of abroad shipping companies, hence, Jonghap Maritime has grown brand value in not only domestic but also oversea.

    Jonghap Maritime's future will share customer's fate. We have an appointed task that we will find ahead customer's need, and grow with customer. We look forward to your continuedly generous support.

    22, Namhangnam-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea

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