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    About Supplier

    Since our creation, we have never stopped designing, innovating, and adapting our devices to market requirements in order to be universal, modular, reliable and economically competitive.

    Our goal is to make every effort to optimize your measurement, conversion, transmission and isolation solutions.

    Our technology represents the future of Industry 4.0 (IOT) by adding intelligence and connectivity to standard sensors, connecting them directly to the cloud through our intelligent and communicating solutions while maintaining isolation without peer.


    +33- 4-72-318-311
    18 Chem. des Tards-Venus, 69530 Brignais, France

    Product List

    Communication Interfaces

    UHLIS Acquisition Communication
    UHLIS 3020T0, UHLIS 3020TCP, UHLIS 3030T0, UHLIS 3030TCP
    LINE Series Concentrators
    Decentralized Inputs-Outputs
    Communication Interface
    EOLIS 0040T0


    TELIS 9000 Universal Input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    TELIS 9000U0, TELIS 9000U1, TELIS 9000U2, TELIS 9100U0, TELIS 9150U1, TELIS 9250U0, TELIS 9000U2-VW, TELIS 9200U0, TELIS 9200U1, TELIS 9200U2, TELIS 9300U0, TELIS 9300U1, TELIS 9400U0, TELIS 9400U1, TELIS 9400U2, TELIS 9000T0, TELIS 9000T1, TELIS 9000T2, TELIS 9100T0, TELIS 9150T1
    TELIS 1000 Gauge Bridge Input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    TELIS 1000U0, TELIS 1000U1, TELIS 1200U1, TELIS 1000T0, TELIS 1000T1, TELIS 1200T1
    JK 7000 Potentiometer input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    JK7000A1, JK7000A2
    JK 3000 Process Input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    JK-3000A1, JK 3000A1-F, JK 3000A1-P, JK-3000A2, JK 3000A2-F, JK 3000A2-P
    EOLIS 3000 Dual Process Input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    EOLIS 3000P0, EOLIS 3000P2, EOLIS 3200P0, EOLIS 3200P2, EOLIS 3400P0, EOLIS 3400P2
    GK 3000D1 Redundancy (Analog-Digital Converter)
    ULCOS 900 Universal Input (Analog-Digital Converter)
    ULCOS 920D0, ULCOS 900D1, ULCOS 920D2
    JK 6010A1 Alternating Current Input (AC Signal Converters)
    TELIS 8000 Frequency Input (AC Signal Converters)
    TELIS 8000U1, TELIS 8250U0
    TELIS 6000 Alternative Input (AC Signal Converters)
    TELIS 6030U0, TELIS 6030U1, TELIS 6030T0, TELIS 6030T1, TELIS 6020U0, TELIS 6020U1
    ULCOS 800 Frequency Input (AC Signal Converters)
    ULCOS 820F2
    ULCOS 600 Alternate Input (AC Signal Converters)
    ULCOS 600I1, ULCOS 620I2, ULCOS 600V1, ULCOS 620V2


    XALIS 9000 Universal Input Indicators
    XALIS 9000U0, XALIS 9000U1, XALIS 9200U0, XALIS 9200U1, XALIS 9400U1, XALIS 9400U2
    XALIS 1000 Gauge Bridge Input Indicators
    XALIS 1000U1, XALIS 1200U1, XALIS 1400U1, XALIS 1400U2


    JK 0030A1 Process Isolator
    JK0030A1, JK0030A1-F, JK0030A1-H
    JK 1000 Sensor Supply
    JK 2000 Loop Isolator
    JK 2001, JK 2001-F, JK 2002, JK 2002-F, JK 20S1, JK 20S2
    EOLIS 0030A2 Double Process Isolator
    EOLIS 0030A2, EOLIS 0030A2-F

    Power Measurement Units

    WK 6000 AC Measurement
    WK6000TS, WK 6000TU, WK6000IS
    EOLIS 6000 DC Measurement
    EOLIS 6000P0, EOLIS 6000P2, EOLIS 6200P0, EOLIS 6200P2, EOLIS 6400P0, EOLIS 6400P2