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    About Supplier

    JK Co.,Ltd. has now been producing total attachments for the heavy equipment since 2002 and becoming the best products brand in the markets along with the global markets. Based on the customer's interests and supports, we've been continuously developing a new model and making a proposals to customers all over the world.

    Through the constant research and development along with the investment, we will grow up as a eye-opening progress with the best quality and innvovated products and become a name trusted across all global customers.

    JK will devote our company to develop the new products considering all the requirements of the customers and market trends, and through the productionm components supply and immediate warranty service, JK all members will also continuously dedicate to improve our quality and service until the customers are touched are touchded by our sincere efforts.

    19, Mongnae-ro 108beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Lifting Fork
    JKLF Series
    JKBK Series
    Screening Bucket
    JKBK Series
    JKRP Series
    JKCP Series
    Smart Multi Grapple
    JKSG Series
    Smart Mult Grapple
    JKSMG Series
    Demolition Grab
    JKRDG Series
    Rotational Multi Grapple
    JKRMG Series
    Fixed Type Multi Grapple
    JKFMG Series
    Rotational Wood Grapple (Rotary-Type)
    JKRWG Series
    Wood Grapple
    JKWG Series
    Rotational Stone Grapple (Rotary-Type)
    JKRSG Series
    Rotational Stone Bucket Grapple
    고정식 스톤 버켓 그랩
    JKFG Series
    Quick Coupler (Push Type)
    JKQPS Series
    Quick Coupler (Pull Type)
    JKQPL Series
    Rotational Crusher
    JKMC Series
    Fixed Type Crusher
    JKPC Series
    Shear (Straight Cutter)
    JKMS Series
    Rotational Beam Cutter, Shear
    JKMS Series
    Bucket Grab
    JKFG Series