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    About Supplier

    JEICO is a maker of industrial radio remote controllers in industrial use, such as for hoist and (tower) crane, winch and gate, automobiles, conveying and transporting, and so on, for remote and wireless controlling fields both in the light and heavy industries.

    JEICO has two main brands registered ; REMOHAND, and JREMO, and you can easily find the name REMOHAND, JREMO remote controllers made by JEICO throughout the Korea with best reputation by a majority market share as far as the industrial remote controllers are concerned in Korea. While REMOHAND is good for rather local application, JREMO, upgraded system of REMOHAND, it is especially specialized to work at outside of Korea with double security sequences adopted and smaller receiver sizes plus much more features inclusive.

    JEICO is a manufacturer of portable remote controllers. We have ISO, CE, KCC certificates as well as of explosion proof cert. The market share in Korea is over 60% and the brand names REMOHAND & JREMO are well known and recognized in the field of industrial remote controlling operations.

    JEICO has their own R & D Lab, and two ISOs, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. JEICO's local agents are another pride of JEICO with a solid fame itself in the local industrial market, as they are working so devotionally they've know JEICO's products are so qualified with far less troubleshoots may be considered and yet much competitive, that is, they earn not only more money but also the fame too, by linking closely with JEICO.

    JEICO’s aim and moto is so called as in 3S movements on going, Speedy, Smart, and finally Smile presenting to all the users ofJEICO products. Consult and Know of JEICO, and you will know it is a time to catch two rabbits in a blow!

    94-1, Choryang-ro, Dong-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List

    For Domestic and Export

    Industrial Remote Controller (For Elevator)
    JREMO 3K
    Industrial Remote Controller (Proportional control)
    JREMO 4L
    Industrial Remote Controller
    JREMO 6K
    Industrial Remote Controller
    JREMO 6K+
    Industrial Remote Controller
    JREMO 8K
    Industrial Remote Controller
    JREMO 10K
    Industrial Remote Controller (For Explosion proofing)
    JREMO 10EX
    Industrial Remote Controller
    JREMO 14K


    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Industrial Remote Controller
    [Discontinued] Handheld 2&3 Buttons Remote Controller
    JREMO 2K