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  • JD Solution

    JD Solution

    About Supplier

    We promise to make the world more comfortable and safer through our Sound Solution!

    Since its foundation in 2009, JD Solution has been developing into a competitive company that continues to provide differentiated sound solutions to its customers and leads the future value industry based on its outstanding R&D achievements, technological power and market pioneering experience.

    In particular, we developed Directional Sound technology in order to satisfy various customer’s demands for sound, and developed directional speakers that transmit sound and auditory information only where the customer wants. We are faithfully carrying out our mission as an innovative venture company.

    In addition, in order to protect customer’s safety and property, we combine technologies such as directional sound transmission technology, digital image processing technology, intelligent system and laser system to solve security problems such as pirate defense, bird repelling system, industrial infrastructure surveillance system, tunnel safety and pedestrian safety. We are also continuously expanding our business area. We have been supplying our products to not only domestic customers but also overseas customers and we are doing our best to prepare for the leap forward to become a global company.

    32, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List


    Clarielle U48/U24
    DIXXEN-S4 Series