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    About Supplier

    Jaepack founded in 1989 has designed and manufactured more improved and optimized packaging systems. We have been supplying the best quality packaging hardware and software to local and overseas companies with our own unique techniques.

    Jaepack has been supplying all kinds of machines from single item to integrated packaging systems for many segments of manufacturing industries - beverage, packaged food, household goods, and many other products. Based on our motto such as creative plans for packaging, aggressive marketing and best service, our professional packaging engineers who have a fully experience suggest systematic and cost-effective packaging solutions and services.

    The each unit of products enhances the real benefits and value of stability because of ones assembled by modularized system. And these units are re-modularized and then they are completely integrated into the final stages through the packaging line that means one item could be easily connected with the other ones. The automatic packaging lines in consist of the connection of modules should be able to be flexibly interchangeable through another modular systems. 

    As a leader of packaging industry, Jaepack promises that we will do our best in providing precise, reliable and cost efficiently packaging solutions and services to the customers.

    9, Baekbeom-ro 603beon-gil, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Packaging Systems

    Conveyor System
    Vacuum-less / Pin pick -up case erector
    Vacuum-less / Pin pick -up case erector
    Semi Automatic Bottom Flap Folder Case Erector
    Fully Random Carton Sealer
    Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
    Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
    Fully Automatic Carton Sealer
    Tape Bundle / Handle