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  • ISYS


    About Supplier

    We would like to introduce ourselves to you with the hope of establishing good business relationship for the mutual benefits. ISYS(Intelligent System Inc.,) was established in Oct 2001, aiming at leading technology and dynamic company in the field of Plasma coating system for production and industrial applications. Experienced PVD production technologies about over 15 years. We are specialist in the design and manufacture of plasma process equipment for PVD sputter system. ISYS has an expert engineering resource. "ISYS is committed to building the best" * Product Line 1. Arc Ion plating system 2. HCD Ion plating system 3. In Line sputtering system As for our credit standing, you may feel free to refer to the INDUSTRIAL bank in Korea or any organizations. With the brief introduction of ourselves, we shall look forward to receiving your positive inquiries and orders in the near future.

    76, Deokcheon-ro 48beon-gil, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Product List

    Hybrid Arc System

    Hybrid Arc System (for R&D, Scriber and micro-tools coating)
    i40A, i40S
    Hybrid Arc System (for Quick Cycle coating)
    i70A, i70S
    Hybrid Arc System (for Insert and Gear cutter(Hob) coating)
    Hybrid Arc System (for EDR and mold coating)
    Hybrid Arc System (for Large-sized Die-casting and Injection mold coating)
    Hybrid Arc System (for Broach,Piston and Decoration coating)
    Hybrid Arc System (for Large-sized Mold and Broach coating)