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    About Supplier

    IONTECH is a membrane specialist company, that continues its endeavors to improve environmental technology, with the vision of protecting the nature and keeping the earth`s environmental and health of the human race, since its establishment in 1997.

    IONTECH deals Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Nano filtration Membrane, Ultrafiltration Membrane, Ultra Filtration Module, CEDI Module, Pressure Vessel, Micro Filter, Membrane Cleaners, and is in charge of all sales of reverse osmosis membrane in partnership with Woongjin Chemical.

    Having the production facility and specialist technology regarding all processes including designing, manufacturing, and quality control, we are producing R/O & U/F & CEDI system package peoducts in the best quality, and are recognized by related contractors for trustworthy maintenance and control even to the perishables on the products.

    IONTECH with its abundant facility experiences and accumulated various know-how, and trustworthy products have gained the trust of its customers, and it will continue to endeavor in order to become the best company in water processing industry nationally and internationally.

    3-4, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    R/O Membrane

    Ultra Pure Water
    Low Pressure
    Brackish Water
    Fouling Resistant
    Tap Water
    Sea Water

    Ultra Filtration Module

    TARGA Series
    ROMICON PM Series

    CEDI Module

    LX Modules
    DC Power Controllers
    MX Modules
    VNX Modules
    Patch Cables
    Display Boards

    Pressure Vessel

    8inch Vessel
    4inch Vessel

    Micro Filter

    Electronic Applications
    Industrial Applications

    Membrane Cleaners

    Membrane Cleaners