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    About Supplier

    To achieve this dream, INTERBEX TECHNOLOGY has been growing steadily in the field of PDB equipment industry for much excellent technology and competiveness obtained by professional knowhow. As far as continuous researching and developing in the field of screen printing and drying field, we have also developed a new business in the field of Touch Screen, and became one of the leader enterprises of IT solution system manufacture. We strengthened leader competitiveness and continued intensive development of the Target industry, and achieved the successful transformation in the field of IT.

    The most remarkable performance is that we opened the market of Touch Screen equipment in China which took an important step of development as an international enterprise.

    In the future, INTERBEX TECHNOLOGY will make more technical experience communication with other manufactures, and continue to maintain the pioneer enterprise image in the field of PCB and Touch Screen industry. At the same time, on the basis of the IT Solution, we are trying to best to develop high-end market in order to develop a variety of career fields.

    33-11, Jeongnamdong-ro, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Printing Machine

    Full-Automate Printer (Roll Printer)
    Full-Automate Printer
    Full-Automate Printer
    Full-Automate Printer
    Full-Automate Printer

    Drying Machine

    Far-Infrared Ray Dryer (Use for Glass)
    U.V Hardener
    Top Open Dryer
    REEL-Use UV Hardener
    Large Box Oven
    Pre-Heater (PCB)
    Screen Board Dryer
    Panel-Type IR Dryer
    U.V Hardener
    Box Oven Dryer
    I.R Dryer (Far-Infrared Ray)
    Hanger Dryer(PCB)
    Clean Oven Dryer
    Wicket Dryer
    U.V / I.R Combined Dryer
    IR 2 Stack Dryer

    Other Project

    Water Screen Ink
    Protect S~/UV Stiffening Ink
    Special Purposed Screen Ink
    Solvent-Based Screen Ink
    DipCoater (Roll Form) for FPC
    Nature Dryer