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    About Supplier

    Having been established as an AC compact motor professional, we, Taewon innotech have produced motors for some famous electric fan and range hood makers and based on our experience and know-how, we have manufactured and distributed ventilation fans and blowers for the markets in Korea, Southeast Asia and earning recognition for our quality.

    Our success was due to our ISO-9001 - based management throughout our processes from designing and manufacture to customer service as our system management by quality administration.

    We, Taewon Innotech, are not satisfied with our success until now, but will continue to listen to our customer's comments and exert our efforts to supply quality products at competitive prices.

    80 Hodoosan-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon-si, Korea

    Product List


    High Pressure Blower
    TBS-230, TBT-230, TBS-270, TBT-270, TBS-300, TBT-300, TBS-301, TBT-301, TBS-302, TBT-302, TBS-230S, TBT-230S, TBS-270S, TBT-270S, TBS-300S, TBT-300S, TBS-301S, TBT-301S, TBS-302S, TBT-302S, TB-2B, TB-4B, TB-2S, TB-4S
    Cabinet Fans - Double inlet
    Large Sirocco Fans
    High Pressure Multi Blower
    ITB-401S, ITB-401T, ITB-402S, ITB-402T, ITB-S401S, ITB-S401T, ITB-S402S, ITB-402T, ITB-403T, ITB-404T, ITB-405T, ITB-406T, ITB-S403T, ITB-S404T, ITB-S405T, ITB-411S, ITB-411T, ITB-412T, ITB-413T, ITB-414T, ITB-S411S, ITB-S411T, ITB-S412T, ITB-S413T, ITB-S414T
    Small Sirocco Blowers
    Small Blower
    TBW-51, TBW-51-1, TB-F105S, TB-F105S-1, TBW-101, TBW-103, TBW-101-1, TBW-103-1, TBW-101F, TBW-103F, TBW-101F-1, TBW-103F-1, TBW-102F, TBW-102
    In Line Duct Fans
    TJF-15B, TJF-20B, TJF-25B, TJF-30B, TJF-200B, TJF-250B, TJF-300B
    Turbo Blower
    TBP-3235S, TBP-3235T, TBS-3235S, TBS-3235T, TBP-S3235S, TBP-S3235T, TBS-S3235S, TBS-S3235T, TBP-3245S, TBP-3245T, TBS-3245S, TBS-3245S, TBP-S3245S, TBP-3245T, TBS-S3245S, TBS-3245T, TBP-3735S, TBP-3735T, TBP-3765T, TBS-3735S, TBS-3735T, TBS-3765T, TBP-S3735S, TBP-S3735T, TBP-S3765T, TBS-S3735S, TBS-S3735T, TBS-S3765T
    Portable Fans
    TIP-200S, TIP-250S, TIP-300S, TIP-350S, TIP-350T, TIP-250S-1, TIP-300S-1, TIP-600S-1, TIP-600T-1, TIP-400S, TIP-400T, TIP-500S, TIP-500T, TIP-400S-1, TIP-400T-1, TIP-500S-1, TIP-500T-1, TIP-400D, TIP-400D T, TIP-500D, TIP-500D T, TIP-600DS, TIP-600D T


    Exhaust Plastic Fan
    INV-200G, INV-250, TWP-201G, TWP-251G, TWP-301G, TWP-201GD, TWP-150CG, TWP-100CG, INV-150CG, INV-100CG, TWP-10C, TWP-15C, INV-20C-D, TWP-20C, TWP-25C
    For Underground Parking
    TIV-200D, TIV-250D
    High Pressure Ventilator
    TIH-200S, TIH-250S, TIH-300S, TIH-350S, TIH-400S, TIH-400T, TIH-450S, TIH-450T, TIH-500S, TIH-500T, TIH-20M, TIH-25M

    Roster Hoods

    Roster Hoods
    Roster Hoods
    Roster Hoods
    Roster Hoods
    Roster Hoods
    Roster Hoods

    AC Motors

    AC Motors
    TIP-200M, TIP-250M, TIP-300M
    AC Motors
    TIM-350P, TIM-400P, TIM-500P, TIM-450H, TIM-500H
    AC Motors
    TIS-310M, TIS-370M, TIS-390M
    AC Motors
    TB-95M, TB-105M, TB-115M, TIM-95B, TIM-105B, TIM-115B
    AC Motors
    TIM-118B, TIM-150B, TB-118M, TB-150M
    AC Motors
    TIS-140M, TIS-160M
    AC Motors
    TIS-190M, TIS-250M, TIS-280M, TIS-290M
    AC Motors
    TIM-200H, TIM-250H, TIM-300H, TIM-400H, TIH-200M, TIH-250M, TIH-300M, TIH-350M, TIH-400M
    AC Motors
    TB-200M, TIM-200B
    AC Motors
    TBS-301M, TBS-302M
    AC Motors
    TBS-230M, TBS-270M, TBS-300M
    AC Motors
    TBS/P-3235M, TBS/P-3245M, TBS/P-3735M, TBS/P-3765M