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IKO supports society and continues to grow into a global company. Established in 1950, Nippon Thompson, under the management philosophy of being a 'technology development-oriented company contributing to society,' manufactures and sells various products such as bearings (rotational components) and related equipment, vital elements in various machinery.

The brand name IKO embodies the meaning of innovation, being rooted in advanced technology (Know-how), and rich in creativity (Originality). At Nippon Thompson, every employee embraces the spirit encapsulated in 'IKO' as a code of conduct. Leveraging highly advanced technology developed in Japan, we were the first to develop needle bearings in-house and have continuously provided high-quality products that meet evolving needs worldwide.

Continuously achieving the core reason why the IKO brand is chosen - 'high quality and high precision' - by offering a wide range of products to diverse needs. To fulfill this objective, we've passionately dedicated ourselves to meticulous product craftsmanship under a robust quality management system.

Additionally, focusing on developing innovative and valuable products that will serve as the foundation for the next generation's society, we concentrate on development with advanced technology and earnest dedication. We engage in 'proposal-based sales activities closely tied to our customers,' attentively understanding each individual's needs to provide the best solutions.

Moreover, with every department working together to address our customers' challenges and fostering a mindset of growing alongside our customers, we share a company-wide commitment to compliance as corporate citizens. Furthermore, we promote environmentally conscious corporate activities towards achieving a rich and beautiful global environment.

Bearings, essential components that enable machines to operate smoothly, possess the function of reducing environmental impact and bear the meaning of 'support.' As bearing functionality advances, technological innovations in various devices progress, contributing to solving societal issues. Through such business activities, we aim to support society, gain trust from the world, and strive to be a necessary and reliable entity, continuing to grow on a global stage.


Japan 〒108-0074 Tokyo, Minato City, Takanawa, 2 Chome−19−19 日本トムソン本社ビル





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