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Hwa Young Enterprise

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If you've ever been concerned about the issue of condensate and oil mixed with compressed air used for filter bag cleaning in dust collectors, we have some exciting news that you'll be delighted to hear.


Our dust collector brings you truly good news in this regard. We have developed a dust collector with a structure capable of generating an incredibly powerful pulse even with very low air pressure, as low as 0.5 kgf/cm², instead of the conventional high-pressure air of 5-6 kgf/cm².


This 0.5 kgf/cm² pulse air can be obtained by either reducing the pressure of compressed air or by using a Roots Blower or a Ring Blower. Regardless of the method, the issue of condensate and oil becomes negligible compared to using high-pressure air, which means the lifespan of the filter bag is extended by at least 3-4 times.


In the past, when explaining this to many people, the immediate question that comes up is often something like, "Even using 7 kgf/cm² high-pressure air, the pulse is weak and the accumulated dust is not easily dislodged, so we need to change filter bags frequently. How can you claim to generate strong pulses with just 0.5 kgf/cm² low pressure?" It's a reasonable doubt.


However, if you look at our track record since delivering the first unit in August 1993, you'll see that we have delivered numerous dust collectors. You'll notice that many customers have tried and tested our equipment, often making subsequent purchases.


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Hwa Young Enterprise

Hwa Young Enterprise

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