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    About Supplier

    HS ZDMS(zero defect munuf. system)-our enthusiasm for perfect products.

    "Good product come from highly specialized manufacturing system facility"

    A complete line facility consisted of the most advanced modern technologies, devoted for producing high presicion components of our products. Our CNC Milrouters, motor spindles and various products are 100% produced at our own facilities in Quest division and Tag division. 

    Both facilities have greatly reduced production process and time, and increased precision level by introducing 5-Axis CNC dual pallet Milling machines, 5 Axis twin spindle CNC Tum-mill machines and super precision Swiss CNC grinding machines. We also have continuously concentrated on high precision measuring and calibration equipment for instpection of all of our products to relize zero defective products manufacturing facility.

    "Ceaselles investement in technological development and production facilities - Our will for 100 year company"

    HS Dynamics has been trying very hard to develop new technologies in a rapidly changing industry for near 40 years. 

    We have been very actively investing in research division and manufacturin facilities. All theses efforts are part of our long term plan for becoming a powerful 100 year company. We will make HS Dynamics as an innovative family firm through craftsmanship and creative mind.

    "Customer is our #1 concern - 100 years together with customers"

    Out experienced world-wide customer care division provides the quickest and the most adequate solutions for you. Through our remote support and conference system, we provide quick defects detection and proper solutions against any kind of problems, and somtiemes additional training for those who want to work on new materials and comparavely complicated works. Most of our customers appreciate our professional advieses from various experiences. Keeping our cutomers on the right track is as important as making high quality products. Our customers recognize us as a compnay with high standard engineering and sales principles, and this recognition from our cusotmers is the important motivation for us to continue our "Quest for Perfection"

    43-10, Meokgat-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    QUEST CNC Milrouter

    QUEST Brand Intro
    Machine Properties
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Machine Overview
    Industries & Applications
    Industries & Applications : Industrial Front Panels
    Industries & Applications : CNC Machining
    Industries & Applications : Stainless Steel Sheet Machining
    Industries & Applications : Non-Ferrous Metal Sheet Machining
    Industries & Applications : Electronic Manufacturing
    Industries & Applications : 2D/3D Engraving
    Industries & Applications : Non-Ferrous Metal Mould
    Industries & Applications : Aluminum Extrusion
    Industries & Applications : Plastic Industry
    Industries & Applications : Other Various Machining

    TAG Motor Spindles

    TAG Brand Intro
    Spindle Properties
    Spindle Overview
    Industries & Applications

    Ballscrew Bearing Unit & Tools and Accessories

    Ball Screw Bearing Unit
    Product Overview