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    The manufacturer’s duty in the 21st century is to sustain and to win in the fierce competition against worldwide leading enterprises, through advanced technology and quality.

    We can not achieve alone think of superior technology. 
    Competitiveness of the state of the art technology beyond the imagination shall be secured for the sustainable business. We have been the most reputable Tower crane manufacturer in Korea, since established, based on excellent man-power and accumulated technological know-how.

    There are few people who can recognize the tower crane as one of Korean’ representative product. HanKook Tower Crane Co., Ltd. is proudly coming up with other overseas leading tower crane manufacturers in the industrial and construction filed of Korea and we continue to carry out our own role of tower carne maker that represents Korea.

    Hankook Tower Crane as the most reputable and esteemed tower crane manufacturer, having the largest production capacity and biggest market shares in Korea has sincerely carried the role of Korean representative tower crane maker, by defending outflow of the hundred million foreign currency. 
    In addition, we started new business field with truck-mounted Crane and Aerial Lift Truck in 2014, on the basis of technological knowhow, accumulated for the last 40 years from tower crane business and we are currently taking a leap to achieve the fruitful business result.

    We are sure that we will be the most admired company in the lifting business field, through customer satisfaction and the state of the art technology development, by the high value-added products and the upgrade of reliability of the products. We will do our best to make us as the No. 1 company in the 21st century with more active investment in technology and continuous R&D activity with challenge spirit.

    1191, Chopyeong-ro, Chopyeong-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Tower Crane

    Hammer Head Type
    Hammer Head Type
    Hammer Head Type
    290HC 12
    Luffing Type
    Luffing Type
    Unmanned Crane

    Industrial Crane

    Gantry Crane
    Lift Magnet Crane
    Semi Gantry Crane
    Overhead Crane
    Jib Crane

    Lorry Crane

    Lorry Crane

    Aerial Lift Truck

    Compact Size
    HAP Series
    Medium Size

    Special Lifting Equipment

    Stationary Crane
    Auger Crane
    Seashell Fishing Crane