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    About Supplier

    Our HIFIL Co., Ltd, leaping into a healthy life & environment enterprise has started as KOLON Co., Ltd’s Water Purifier Business Team in 1996, and has greatly contributed to the population of Korean water purifiers. It has been separated from its parent company on Mar. 1, 2001, and has succeeded in shaping itself as the total water purifier enterprise by preparing its base of growth as an independent consumer enterprise.

    Our HIFIL, which handles water necessary for sustaining human life as the essence of our business recognizes the significance of the drinking water in depth more than anyone else, and takes pride in thorough inspection of the parts in the material that contact water and certification system.

    In addition, we are rigorously producing and examining its quality standard as the apparatus connected to the water by applying the U.S. ‘NSF’ standard as it is. All of these actions cannot be seen with a naked eye, but is a will of HIFIL that tries to be true to the essence and fundamentals of our business that are based on the credit.

    Our HIFIL has completed the composition of product line up from filter manufacturing that includes hollow fiber membrane filter, a core part of water purifier, to complete product of water purifier. Since 2008, it has reinforced its technological development, succeeded in developing flash cooling and apparatus for producing water having oxygen content with product functionality to export them to Seoul and Japan.

    Now, it is supplying products of satisfactory quality also to overseas customers such as Japan, US, South East Asia, China and Australia as well as the market of Republic of Korea to result in 5 million dollars sales in 2012.

    12-33, Garwol-ro 49beon-gil, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Oxygen Water Purifier

    Oxygen Dispenser
    Oxygen Water Purifier

    Direct Chiller Water Pulifier

    Direct chiller water purifier
    Direct chiller water purifier
    HF - 9700FP
    Direct chiller water purifier
    HF - 7000F

    General Water Purifier

    Under-sink II
    General water purifier
    General water purifier
    HF-5000D, HF-5000
    General water purifier
    HF-9000, HF-9000D
    General water purifier
    HF-11000, HF-11000D
    General water purifier
    HF-P20S, HF-P10D

    Drinking Fountain

    Drinking Fountain
    Rapid Cool Water Fountain for Group Meals
    Rapid Cool Water Fountain
    Drinking Fountain
    Flash Cooling Drinking Fountain
    Flash Cooling Drinking Fountain
    Flash Cooling Drinking Fountain