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    About Supplier

    Leader in auto control and measurement industries - HANYOUNG NUX CO., LTD

    Your supports and encouragements helped us to be the best company in auto control and measurement industry.

    We really appreciate your supports and encouragements.

    "Never make it if it is not the best" is our slogan and it affected research, development and sales.

    We are supplying temperature control, measurement instruments, Timer, Counter, Panel meter and Proximity sensor which are necessary in automation industry.

    Our products are used in various industries to make an up-to-date technology.

    Global market became very competitive. Since 1972, we've been doing efforts at research & development, innovative production system, quality management, ERP system to have competitiveness of quality, technology and price.

    To survive in this environment we've been doing continuous efforts at investment of product research, timely delivery of high quality products and price competitiveness for customer's satisfaction.

    Lastly we will be a leader of auto control and measurement companies in the global market with our overseas subsidiaries and global networks.

    28, Gilpa-ro 71beon-gil, Nam-gu, Incheon

    Product List

    Temperature Controller

    열충격 시험 컨트롤러
    General type
    ON-OFF / 비례제어 온도컨트롤러
    디지털 온도지시계
    Special purpose
    Thermal Shock Test


    Multi Channel
    Single Channel

    Counter / Timer

    Counter & Timer
    Digital Counter
    디지털 타이머
    아날로그 타이머

    Panel Meter

    전력용 패널미터
    디지털 스케일미터
    타코미터 (회전속도계)
    Multi function

    Sensor / Encoder

    Proximity sensor
    Connector cable
    Photo sensor
    Fiber unit
    Area sensor
    Rotary encoder
    Sensor controller

    TPR / SSR / SMPS

    전력조정기 (TPR)
    무접점릴레이 (SSR)
    Thyristor Power Regulator
    Solid State Relay
    Power supply


    DPS (DIN 레일설치)
    TPS (스크류설치)
    소용량 레일 타입


    터치패널 (HMI)

    Push Button Switch & Combination Display

    Control switch
    Combination display light
    동력용 스위치
    캠 스위치
    메인 스위치
    모노레버 스위치
    호이스트 스위치
    발판 스위치

    Limit / Micro Switch

    Limit switch
    Micro switch

    Power / Main / Cam Switch

    Power switch
    Main switch
    Cam switch

    Hoist / Foot / Mono Lever Switch

    Hoist switch
    Foot switch
    Mono lever switch

    Sign Tower / Signal Light

    Sign tower
    각주형 회전 표시등
    벽면설치 표시등
    Turn light
    Warning light

    Buzzer / Terminal / Others

    Terminal block
    Fuse holder
    Control box
    Cable Locker
    Assembly Terminal Block