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    About Supplier

    Our company makes every effort to be a worldwide company equipped with competitiveness by developing the best quality products suitable for the Age of Globalization. By integrating the world ' s leading Korean IT industry with our advanced technologies, we provide our products widely to automotive, shipbuilding, construction and plant industry. Our products have been enjoying popularity from domestic & foreign automotive assembly plants and other affiliates in its performance since long time ago.

    As a result of securing manpower skilled in research, establishing a technical laboratory and continuing research & development, we have stepped into the era of infinite competition. We will do our best to satisfy our customers by fulfilling our responsibility.

    197, Jeongwangcheon-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Stud Welding

    Automotive Stud Welding System
    Automotive System
    Automotive Stud Welding System
    SW 1800-2A/1400/2A
    Automotive Stud Welding System
    HY7 DELUXE (FOR T-stud)
    Stud Welding System & Controls
    SW 850A
    Semi Auto
    SW 850-2A
    Stud Welding System & Controls
    SW 2800A
    Stud Welding System & Controls
    SW 500A, NSA-40B-1
    Automotive Industrial Welding Stud
    Semi Auto
    SW 1400-2A
    Stud Welding System & Controls
    CD Stud W-100
    Stud Welding System & Controls
    SW 1400A