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  • Hanwool H&P

    About Supplier

    HANWOOL H&P Co.,LTD grows constantly leading the paradigm of business fields such as construction equipments, shipbuilding and marine engineering plant since it's foundation in 1999. Today Hanwool H&P has grown up as a hydraulic product company with the best technologies and production abilities, and especially, in the field of hydraulic hose assembly, boasts of the best competitiveness in construction equipments and shipbuilding related sectors. In addition, we provide hose reel and hydraulic related parts to prominent domesitc heavy industries such as Marine engineering and plant of Hyundai heavy Industries, Daewoo Ship building and Marine Engineering and Plant of Hyundai Heavy Industry, Daewoo ship building and MArine engineering, Samsung Heavy Industry and Hanjin Heavy Industry. 

    Our COmpany consisting of hilghy skilled engineers and talents based on this superiority of quality, do our bestto satisfy customers. We will produce products that meet the demands and needs of individual customer and do best service for the development of the customers. Our intent and goal are to give you customers infinite pleasure by allowing you to gather.

    19, Yusangongdan 2-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    Hose Fitting / Tube Fitting
    Hydraulic Hose Assembly
    Hydraulic Valve
    Hose Reel
    Instrumentation Fitting