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    About Supplier

    Since being established in 1973, HANTECH has put our utmost effort in manufacturing top quality petrochemical and chemical process equipment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers.

    We have consistently improved our design skills, management system and fabrication facilities to allow our products to reach higher levels of sophistication.

    3D modeling of equipment for upgrading design quality is now possible with well-trained designers, and our PDM (Project Data Management) system will maximize the work efficiency.

    In addition, we recently moved into a new shop in order to support rapid growth of our company and meet ever increasing customer demands. As the result of continuous innovation, we have strong competitiveness in the chemical and petrochemical equipment fabrication, especially in the fields of non-ferrous, reactive metals (Ti, Zr, Ta), clads, cryogenic equipment and spherical storage facilities today.

    Our company sprit is described by the motto “Dream together and Challenge to the future.” Based on our motto, HANTECH’s management and employees work together as one, and we strive to develop our abilities to meet the challenges that we will face in the coming years.

    51, Yeonja-ro, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List

    Static Equipment

    3-Car Heat Exchanger
    Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
    3.5% Ni Alloy Heat Exchanger
    Alloy Steel Heat Exchanger
    Rod Baffle Heat Exchanger
    Twisted Tube Heat Exchanger
    Breech Lock Heat Exchanger
    Tantalum Heat Exchanger
    Titanium Clad Reactor
    First Titanium Clad Reactor
    Nickel Alloy VCM Reactor
    Zirconium Triclad Reactor
    Titanium Clad Reactor
    Low Alloy Pre-Reformer
    Ammonia Plant Discharge Separator
    Recycle Gas Compressor K.O Drum
    High Pressure H2S Absorber Vessel
    Towers and Columns : Zirconium Tower
    Towers and Columns : Monel 400 Clad Tower
    Towers and Columns : Stainless Steel Tower
    Towers and Columns : Stainless Steel Tower

    Cryogenic Tanks

    Cryogenic Flat Bottom Double Wall Storage Tank
    The World Biggest Cryogenic Storage Tank
    High Pressure Cryogenic Tank with Vacuum Insulated Type

    Storage Tanks

    Ammonia Storage Tank
    Dome Roof Storage Tank
    Spherical Storage Tank

    Skid & Module

    Skid & Module