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    Become a first-rate ball screw professional enterprise

    Since its foundation in 1995, Hansan Linear System has made continuous efforts to develop and supply products that meet the diverse needs of our customers, such as stabilization of delivery time and cost reduction in the Korea FA market.

    Starting with its own models C5 and C7 grade grinding ball screw, which was created in cooperation with Japan’s ISSOKU in 2001, the company has successfully localized various models, becoming the world’s No.1 company specializing in small-sized ball screws, with No.1 market share in Korea market as well as reverse exports to Japan and other global markets.

    We also provide valuable solutions that our customers want by securing a fundamental competitive edge on two pillars: price competitiveness, quality, and service differentiation through quality first-classization and pursuit of productivity from a global perspective.

    Based on the idea that customers are the source of corporate value, Hansan Linear System is a company that aims to repay the warm attention and love of our customers.

    Hansan Linear System will work hard to become a company of the customer, by the customer, and for the customer, a company that can be trusted to find, and a company that shares the future with customers.

    In the future, Hansan Linear System will prepare for the success of our new business in building a foundation for future growth through creative ideas and innovations, in order to continue to discover new growth engines in the future.

    Based on your trust, we want to take a qualitative leap forward and become a global company by expanding our global network.

    We hope you will observe the Hansan Linear System, which delivers on the vision of a ‘top notch professional ball screw company’ with changes and commitment based on technology leadership.

    23-20, Dongtansandan 9-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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