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    About Supplier

    Since 2004, the year of establishment, we have grown and devel-oped even in harsh circumstance while focusing our core capa-bilities in our fields, thanks to our executives’ and employees passion and willpower.

    Now we have created new business divisions, Welding Equip-ment Division & Pipe Division, in addition to the existing Cable Division so that we can diversify our business to create synergy in the marine and shipbuilding equipment industry and non ferrous metal industry.ln so doing, we are working hard to ensure the future growth engine in this globally competitive era.

    In future, with the firm mindset that we will challenge, pioneer and execute our goals, HANSAE CO., LTD will focus on con-tinued investment and R&D activities in order to grow to be a globally renowned corporation in the Nonferrous metal industry.

    We appreciate everybody who has supported us and we will do their best to assume their responsibilities and roles to provide the best values.

    44, Wajigongdan 2-gil, Ungchon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

    Product List

    Pipe Division

    Product Info
    C7060, C7150, C4430, C6870, C6871, C6872, C2600, C2700, C1100
    Facilities & Test Equipment

    Welding Division

    CO2/MAG/MIG welding parts
    TIG Torches & Consumables
    Plasma Cutting Torches & Consumables
    Gouging & Submerged Welding Consumables
    Earth Clamps & Regulators & ETC
    DC Arc Inverter
    TIG Welding Machine
    Plasma Inverter Cutter
    CO2 MIG
    Submerged Welding Machine Gouging Machine
    Auto Welding Carriages
    Automatic Equipments
    Facilities & Test Equipment

    Cable Division

    Introduction & Business Area
    High Voltage Circuit Breaker
    Multifunction Protection Relay
    Switch Gear
    SEBANG Battery