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    About Supplier

    We HANKOOK E.M thank all our customers greatly for your deep interest and trust, and your generous support.

    We started mainly with plastic extruders as a specialized manufacturer of plastics processing machinery and we have striven to develop a more differentiated and advanced extrusion system through constant study and technology development on the base of long- manufacturing experience and accumulated- basic technology that are required in the same industry.

    We have supplied a variety of extruders from pilot equipment for research and development to large-sized production lines.

    In order to develop new materials and advanced technology products that require Composite Convergence Technology, we closely have built technology reliability with customers positively through " Development method of omni-directional Technology Participation ” that positively accepts the requirement of customers and cooperates from the early stage of its development.

    Thus, we have about 200 customers including the leading groups in the field of domestic petrochemistry and energy and also we have exported to 20 countries in the world including U.S.A, Japan, Europe and Middle East Asia.

    We have tried to do our best in playing a leading role as a truly representative Korean manufacturer for Extrusion Processing system.

    We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a reliable partner that meets the requirement of customers faithfully and cooperate with customers and satisfy customers always. We also will strive to become a company that grows and develops together with customers with more modesty and positive support system.

    149, Pyeongtaekhang-ro 268beon-gil Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Single & Twin Screw Extruders
    Feed-Ruder (FR)
    HFR/HFRT Series
    Continuous Kneader & Combination Mixing Extruder
    HCK/CME Series
    Mixer / Blender
    Compounding & Master Batch System
    Film / Sheet Line
    Pipe / Profile Line, Pipe Coating Line
    Extrusion Laminator
    Separator Film Production Line
    Aluminum Composite Panel Line
    Light-weight Material System
    Rubber Extruder / Strainer
    HSES250, HSER90
    Food / Medicine Extruder
    Inorganic Matter Extruder
    Recycling System
    Laboratory & Pilot Systems