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    About Supplier

    We hope your company does a good business.
    And thank you very much for using our products all the time.
    We are well known to customers for making submersible motor pumps with high quality and accumulated skills.
    With your constant concern, we have been authorized the excellence of our products with KS mark and ISO 9001 certification and the high growth of export of our products for submersible motor pumps.

    Our staffs are always trying to improve our customer services.

    Please contact us any time if you have any question or problems of our products.

    Our staffs will solve your problems quickly and clearly.

    Through quality management, our company will make and strive that:
    customer needs products and services customer be satisfied products and services to help for customer in the future.

    Thank you.

    HANJIN PUMP Co., Ltd.
    A representative director





    1988 - 1994

    Established Hanjin Machinery Manufacturing Company (HMMC.)

    Started manufacturing of submersible de-watering pumps

    Started manufacturing of submersible wastewater pumps

    Started manufacturing of submersible high head de-watering pumps

    Started manufacturing of submersible sand pumps

    Started manufacturing of submersible sewage and cutter pumps

    Started manufacturing of submersible heavy duty de-watering pumps

    Incorporated HMMC as Hanjin Pump Co., Ltd.


    1995 -1999

    Developed submersible aerating pumps and acquired patent from Korea Intellectual Property Office

    Expanded factory at Bucheon-si

    Started manufacturing large capacity submersible motor pumps

    Authenticated KS B6321

    Published products at ''and started export submersible motor pumps to U.S.A., Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore and Maldives.

    Inaugurated Mr.Hantae Kim as President

    Nominated as a Promising Small&Medium Enterprise by Small and Medium Business Adminis-tration (SMBA)

    Expanded Factory at Dodang-dong


    2000 - 2005

    Expanded export sales to New Zealand, Canada, China, Hong kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Norway, Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela

    Acquired a membership of Incheon Machinery Cooperative.

    Authenticated ISO9002 by BSI (British Standard Institute)

    Authenticated ISO9001 by UKA

    Expanded factory at Gimpo-si


    2006 - 2020

    Named as an 'INNO-BIZ' company

    Awarded Management innovation prize by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy

    Acquired ISO14001

    Acquired MAIN BIZ management innovation Small and Medium Industry

    Authorized as high efficiency energy equipment

    Received Technical development project from KETEP(Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning) and acquired patent

    Selected by SMBA for Technological innovation project and acquired patent


    190, Gimpohangang 9-ro 75beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Pumps for civil engineering

    Submersible drainage pump (HTV)
    50HTV0.8-2T, 50HTV1.5-2T, 50HTV2.2-2T, 50HTV3.7-2T, 80HTV1.5-2T, 80HTV2.2-2T, 80HTV3.7-2T, 80HTV5.5-2T, 100HTV3.7-2T, 100HTV5.5-2T, 100HTV7.5-2T, 100HTV11-2T, 100HTV15-2T, 150HTV7.5-2T, 150HTV11-2T, 150HTV15-2T
    Submersible high-head dewatering pump (HGH)
    100HGH22-2T, 100HGH30-2T, 150HGH22-2T ,150HGH30-2T, 150HGH37-2T, 150HGH45-2T, 150HGH55-2T, 150HGH75-2T, 150HGH90-2T, 200HGH37-2T, 200HGH45-2T, 200HGH55-2T, 200HGH75-2T, 200HGH90-2T
    Submersible high-head 2-stage pump (HWGH)
    80HWGH11-2T, 80HWGH15-2T, 80HWGH19-2T, 100HWGH22-2T, 100HWGH30-2T
    Submersible sand pump (HSP)
    50HSP2.2-2T, 80HSP3.7-4T, 100HSP5.5-4T, 100HSP7.5-4T, 100HSP11-4T, 100HSP15-4T, 100HSP22-4T, 150HSP11-6T, 150HSP15-6T, 150HSP22-6T, 150HSP37-4T, 200HSP37-6T, 200HSP55-6T, 200HSP75-6T, 250HSP75-8T

    Submersible pumps for drainage and water treatment

    Submersible wastewater pump (HBS)
    50HBS0.8-2T, 50HBS1.5-2T, 80HBS2.2-2T, 80HBS3.7-2T, 100HBS5.5-2T, 100HBS7.5-2T, 100HBS11-2T, 100HBS15-2T
    Submersible vortex pump (HSV)
    50HSV0.8-2T, 80HSV1.5-2T, 80HSV2.2-2T, 80HSV3.7-2T, 80HSV5.5-2T, 100HSV7.5-2T, 100HSV11-2T, 100HSV15-2T
    Submersible sewage pump (HB(S))
    50HB0.8-2T, 50HB0.8-4T, 50HB1.5-4T ,80HB1.5-2T, 80HB2.2-4T, 100HB3.7-4T, 100HB5.5-4T, 100HB7.5-4T, 150HB7.5-6T, 150HB11-4T, 150HB15-4T, 150HB22-4T, 200HB11-4T, 200HB15-4T, 200HB22-4T
    Submersible sewage pump (HB(M))
    200HB30-4T, 200HB37-4T, 200HB55-4T, 250HB30-4T, 250HB37-4T, 250HB45-4T, 250HB55-4T, 250HB75-4T, 300HB75-4T
    Submersible sewage pump (HB(L))
    250HB11-6T, 250HB15-6T, 250HB22-6T, 300HB15-6T, 300HB22-6T, 300HB30-6T, 300HB37-6T, 300HB45-6T, 300HB55-6T, 400HB45-6T, 400HB55-6T, 400HB75-6T, 400HB90-6T, 400HB110-6T, 500HB75-6T, 500HB37-8T, 500HB45-8T, 500HB55-8T
    Submersible screw pump (HWS)
    80HSW1.5-4T, 80HSW2.2-4T, 80HSW3.7-4T, 100HSW5.5-4T, 100HSW7.5-4T, 150HSW11-4T, 150HSW15-4T
    Submersible grinder pump (HGR)
    50HGR0.8-4T, 50HGR1.5-4T, 50HGR2.2-2T, 50HGR2.2-4T, 50HGR3.7-2T, 50HGR3.7-4T, 50HGR5.5-2T, 50HGR7.5-2T, 80HGR3.7-4T, 80HGR5.5-4T, 80HGR7.5-4T, 80HGR11-4T, 80HGR15-4T, 100HGR11-4T, 100HGR15-4T, 100HGR22-4T, 100HGR30-4T
    Submersible non-clog pump(SPURT) (HNC)
    50HNC0.8-4T, 50HNC1.5-4T, 50HNC2.2-4T, 80HNC2.2-4T, 100HNC3.7-4T, 100HNC5.5-4T, 100HNC7.5-4T, 100HNC11-4T, 100HNC15-4T, 100HNC22-4T, 150HNC11-4T, 150HNC15-4T, 150HNC22-4T, 200HNC22-4T, 200HNC30-4T, 50HNC1.5-2T, 50HNC2.2-2T, 80HNC3.7-2T, 80HNC5.5-2T, 100HNC7.5-2T, 100HNC11-2T, 100HNC15-2T, 100HNC22-2T

    Water treatment

    Submersible mixer (HMX)
    180HMX0.8-4T, 180HMX1.5-4T, 220HMX2.2-4T, 220HMX3.7-4T, 280HMX5.5-4T, 280HMX7.5-4T, 370HMX2.2-8T, 370HMX3.7-8T, 420HMX5.5-8T, 420HMX7.5-8T, 580HMX5.5-12T, 580HMX7.5-12T, 580HMX11-12T, 480HMX2.2-4TR, 480HMX3.7-4TR, 580HMX5.5-4TR, 580HMX7.5-4TR
    Submersible aquarator (HAQU)
    Recirculation pump (HREC)
    Scum pump (HSS)
    Jetrator (HJET)

    Drainage, etc.

    Axial flow pump (HSA)
    Mixed flow pump (HSM)
    Automatic discharge system (TO)