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  • Hanchang


    About Supplier

    Hanchang Corporation is professional manufacturer which, since its foundation, has been devoting its utmost to research and product development continuously on the basis of professional knowledge and experience of automatic control system, water quality measuring instrument and medical instrument in environmental industry.

    Company has been leading everlasting research and product development to become leader which tries for social responsibility and human health to resolve environmental issues of today’s human society under company’s motto and management philosophy of “Company of technology which aggressively complies with environment protection and social requirements for human health”.

    2Our innovative and state of the art automatic control system and water quality measuring instruments are widely used for water treatment, sewage treatment, dirty/wastewater treatment and process management as well as chemical, food plants and other industrial plants.

    In 21st century, environmental issues are very important social concerns in not only advanced countries but also all of the nations of the world. The field of environment will keep significant growing in the future as the government of every country strengthens the policy for environment regulations and invests in big scale. Also, from the view point of technology, high value added technology which is combine with IT will be emerged.

    Company is devoted to the development of product and market continuously to cope with the trend of environmental industries and extending world market.

    Our medical device business also is the field of which high growth is expected for 21st century. Tendency of ageing and increase of income worldwide and medical/welfare policy of each nation will make medical device industry have influence on our life closely. Therefore, we develop and research IT convergence medical instruments. In addition, we will create various and high value added products ceaselessly by developing healthcare products which manage private health and make early diagnosis of disease be possible.

    Hanchang Corporation which leads technology on the basis of long history and experience promises together with all of its members that Hanchang will keep research and development as well as growth of company by leading creative and innovative technologies in the field of water quality measuring automation and medical instrument of the world.

    345, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Water Quality Environment

    pH Meter
    Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter (ORP)
    Dissolved Oxygen Meter (DO)
    Mixed Liquor Suspended Solid Meter (MLSS) / Suspended Solid Meter (SS)
    Conductivity Meter
    Turbidity Meter
    Residual Chlorine Meter
    Multi Parameter
    Auto Sampler
    TMS Signal Converter
    Plasma water treatment system
    Open Channel Flowmeter
    Electronic Flowmeter
    EF-5000 Series
    Spares and Accessories

    Auto Control Monitoring

    Data Logger
    Front End Processorger
    ICS (Integrated Control System)

    Medical Device

    Spinal Internal Fixation System
    Orthopaedic Bone Screw
    Orthopaedic Fixation Plate Kit
    Balloon Catheter
    Epidural Catheter